Localise was a temporary newspaper publication produced for the Whau Arts Festival 2015, a weekend festival of music, visual art, theatre and performance. Run by Ioana Gordon-Smith and Lana Lopesi, each issue focuses on the subject of community art, exploring how art, and even the newspaper itself, can meaningfully engage with local residents. Localise was published daily from Thursday 15 – Monday 19 October, with 250 copies available for free each morning. Localise was made possible in partnership with Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery and Whau The People.

Issue 001

Issue 002

Issue 003

Issue 004

Issue 005


Screen shot 2017-04-13 at 9.56.36 AM




Editor: Ioana Gordon-Smith

Designer: Lana Lopesi

Advertising designer: James Anderson

Resident comic: Jose Barbosa

Whau The People: Bronwyn Bent, Janet Lilo, Jody McMillan, Sam Morrison, Leilani Tamu

Cover Artists: Edith Amituanai, Bepen Bhana, Fiona Jack, Salome Tanuvasa, WHAU THE PEOPLE, Max White

Feature Writers: Louisa Afoa, Mark Amery, Local Time (Danny Butt, Jon Bywater, Alex Monteith & Natalie Robertson), Balamohan Shingade, Ema Tavola

Contributors: Alice TBM, Aniwaniwa, Artwest, Avondale Koha Shed, Avondale Optometrists, Bronwyn Bent, Charlotte Museum Trust, Janet Charman, Doris Evans, Flair Design For Print, Alexandria George, Green Bay Community House, Green Bay Writers, Hoopla, Christina Houghton, Janet McAllister, Jody McMillan, Ascia Maybury, Mayceys Confectionery, Nina Patel, Puppets for Poppets, A.D. Schierning, Silvia Spieksma, Lisa Truttman, Marcus Williams, Melanie Wittwer, Te Pou Theatre, Timespanner, Uniform, Jason Valentine-Burt, Kathy Waghorn, Western Subrubs Radio Club, Whau Community Arts Broker

Jibber Jabber: Leni Aho, Jaclyn Bonnici, Audrey Boyle, Llannys Burgess, Jacob Collins, Tim Danko, Emmeline Hawthorne, Sanji Karu, Don Medly, Nina patel, Kishor Prajapati, Nate Savill, Liz Takai, Manu Timai, Natasha Urale

Key supporters: Whau the people volunteers, Te Uru

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