twenty-four-seven considers the relationship between labour, time and round-the-clock networks. Featuring work by Natasha Matila-Smith, Raqs Media Collective, Ane Hjort Guttu and Daisuke Kosugi.

names held in our mouths

names held in our mouths considers the structures and pathways six artists and collectives employ to revive or sustain their indigenous art, with a particular focus on dormant or at-risk practices. Featuring work by Sosefina Andy, Nikau Hindin, Louisa Humphry, Wikuki Kingi, Pacifica Mamas, Kaetaeta Watson, and The Veiqia Project.

From the Shore

Te Uru | 2018
Pātaka | 2019
Dunedin Public Art Gallery | 2010

From the Shore considers the influence of Māori filmmakers Barry Barclay and Merata Mita on a current generation of artists. Featuring work by Tracey Moffatt, Tanu Gago, Rob George, Nova Paul, Lisa Reihana and Tuafale Tanoa’i aka Linda T.

Pocket Histories

Te Uru | 2018
Dowse Art Museum | 2018

Pocket Histories brings together the work of three artists – Vita Cochran, Imogen Taylor and Isobel Thom – to consider the equivocal spectre of modernism in their respective practices.

Asia-Pacific Century: Part II

Te Uru | 2017

Over the next twenty years, Aotearoa’s Maori, Asian, and Pacific populations will grow to make up over 50% of the total population.1The Asia-Pacific Century is an ongoing project that responds to this shift. Co-curated with Emma Ng.

Cushla Donaldson: The Fairy Falls

Te Uru | 2017

Donaldson holds the position in The Fairy Falls that there is no way for working class politics, environmentalism and struggles for indigenous self determination to work together on the Left without some degree of romanticism.

On repeat: the disruptive copy

Te Uru | 2017

On Repeat features artworks that are hand-made, factory-produced, multiplied, re-worked, tenuously legal and copied through caveat to ask if the way to confront the contingency of the ‘original’ is through repetition.

Janet Lilo: Status Update

Te Uru | 2016

Janet Lilo: Status Update is not a traditional survey. Rather than simply re-showing past works, Lilo has borrowed concepts, processes and technologies from previous works to create three new, large-scale installations that reflect back on and refine the inquiries underpinning her practice.

open brief

All Goods | 2016

Open Brief celebrates the poster as art form, featuring artists Lana Lopesi, Siliga Setoga, Natasha Matila-Smith, UNIFORM, Asinate Moa, Malia Urale, Catherine Hunt and Johnson Witihera.

Asia-Pacific Century: Part I

Enjoy Public Art Gallery | 2016

The Asia-Pacific Century: Part One is an open research space that considers ‘Asia-Pacific’ as a lens to think through our changing national identity.

James Cousins: Restless Idiom

Te Uru | 2015

Bringing together works from 2009-2015, Cousins unsettles our expectations of landscape images.

Tea Lounge

Te Uru | 2015

Tea Lounge is a collaborative installation featuring legendary video installation performance artist Linda T (of LTTV and D.A.N.C.E. Art Club) and Tasty Space Tea, a West Auckland collective who aim to provide tea as a way of creating temporary and accessible community spaces. 

Making Visible

Frankin Arts Centre | 2015

Making Visible brings together works seeking to re-direct attention to the presence or movements of people who are often unseen. Lonnie Hutchinson | Salome Tanuvasa | Janet Lilo | John Vea | Toa Tahi Taihia | Talia Smith

Tau Tupua: The Spirits

Fresh Gallery Ōtara | 2014

Tau Tupua highlights this little-known contribution of Niue to the New Zealand war effort. Featuring Robert George Toa Taihia and Vela Manusaute.